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Since 2018, RE/MAX Canada has been a strong supporter of Treat Accessibly and an accessible Halloween. The Treat Accessibly movement aims to raise awareness and encourage homeowners and their communities to celebrate Hallowe’en in a way that is inclusive of everyBODY, through simple changes to trick-or-treating traditions. Suggestions include distributing candy from an accessible location on the property, like the foot of the driveway, and post the Treat Accessibly lawn sign to alert community members that Hallowe’en treats will be distributed there, in an accessible way. Announce to your community that you also support accessible trick-or-treating by picking up your lawn sign.

RE/MAX and Canadian Tire Corporation have partnered to bring Accessible Treat at Halloween. After Canadian Tire Corporation successfully piloted the world’s first Treat Accessibly Halloween Village for 300 children with disabilities in 2021, Canadian Tire is returning to support the movement’s expansion to additional cities across Canada.

“Canadian Tire is a proud supporter of the Treat Accessibly movement in Canada,” said Kim Saunders, Vice President of ESG Strategy, Community Impact and Sports Partnerships. “Together, we can help make Canada a leader in celebrating the first accessible holiday tradition.”

Accessible Trick or Treating

🎃 What is Accessible Trick or Treating?

Accessible Trick or Treating is an initiative aimed at helping children with accessibility and mobility issues to join in on the fun on Halloween night. This initiative is a national joint program with Canadian Tire, Kinder, and RE/MAX Canada. 

How to Participate

Home owners can display an Accessible Trick or Treating sign to show their home is accessible to kids with mobility limitations on Halloween night. For best results, we suggest they display the sign for a week or two leading up to Halloween to increase awareness in their neighbourhood.

There are a limited number of signs available at your local  Canadian Tire or through your RE/MAX REALTOR®.

6 Tips to Create Your Own Accessible Trick or Treat Station

Another way to participate is to follow these quick tips on how to make your home an accessible one:

  1. 🎃 Open your garage door. It’s practically indoors, warm and safe. Think of all the decorating opportunities that open up by hosting your Halloween from your garage door. Set up a social station and invite friends. Especially if you have a flat and smooth driveway, this is a great option in any weather!
  2. 🎃 Keep it close. The best option is to move your candy station as close to the road or sidewalk as possible. That may be the curb in front of your lawn or your driveway that kids can easily access. The bonus – you’ll never have to hear the doorbell ring again!  Warm up with Pumpkin Spice Cocktails and make a neighbourly night of your new tradition.
  3. 🎃 Make a path. If these options aren’t available to you, keep a wide, clear path to your door – with no obstructions. It’s key that the children have more than enough room to come up together and turn around while other kids are approaching.
  4. 🎃 Plan an alternate route. If you are going for all out scares, consider making a second treat station,. Mark both clearly with flashing lights, scares and sounds, so everyone can get candy at a level they’re comfortable with.
  5. 🎃 Light it up. It’s important to keep whatever are you chose, well lit. Having a clearly illuminated path and candy station allows kids to easily identify it and navigate to it. You can still keep it within the scary Halloween theme with bright LED string lights or a light up display. Eerie and accessible!
  6. 🎃 Keep an eye out. Even with your area well lit and accessible, you’ll still want to keep a watchful eye on the trick-or-treaters you’re hosting. Adjust your set up, guide trick-or-treaters or personally help them if they’re having difficulty.

Help everybody feel welcome at your house this Halloween!




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